The Hub, Oslo 10. april 2024
Leave no talent behind
The Hub, Oslo 10. april 2024
Artificial intelligence
11:40 - 12:00
Språk: Engelsk
Anders Grimstad
Foresight and Emerging Interfaces Lab Lead, Schibsted
I work at Schibsted's Futures Lab, where we explore the possibilities of the future through experimentation and foresight. My job involves researching and analyzing emerging technologies, as well as tinkering with them. I craft scenarios and build experiments to help our organization prepare for the future by rehearsing different outcomes.
I studied civil economics and management. I’ve worked corporate & product strategy, concept development, and experimentation in Nordea and Schibsted. I’m a lifelong nerd. And I currently head up our foresight practice and the emerging interfaces team in the Futures Lab.